Martial Arts Virtual World Championships

General Rules: Open, Extreme, Weapons, Self-defense, Board Breaking and Demo Team divisions: (WOMAA), Kata/Team Kata divisions: (WKF), Poomsae divisions: (World TKD), and Pattern divisions: (ITF). International Referees will hired/paid and affiliated with the listed international associations. 

Elimination results: are announced on this website on 1 May 2020 for Series A, and by individual emails sent to the top 3 place winners.  All elimination winners are invited to compete again for FREE in the Live Virtual World Championships Finals on 1 October for the cash prizes. Every qualifying first place category you earn in any of the 3 series assures you 1 spot in the finals.

Finals:  #1 place winners from all the series are invited to compete in the runoffs (in mid-September). Runoff top two will perform again in the Live Show online, Steaming World-wide:     Saturday 19:30 London Time, 3 October 2020 from their location.  There is NO CHARGE for the finals. A link will be emailed. Winner will need a blank or plain back ground, free of logo or advertisements and enough room to compete, in a quiet area, present ID, announce name and form name and perform when given permission. Scoring will be live.  A jeweled crown will be awarded with prize sent by airmail following the finals event. Cash prize will be sent electronically to the bank account you specify after being declared winner.  A certificate of place will be sent electronically by email. Specific competition directions will be given to the winners before the final competition. You must be available on the finals date and time to perform on live video from your location. Late appearances will be disqualified.  Again, the Finals competition is free of charge.

Referees: 3 Certified International judges for each division will be selected by the board of directors for the Grand Internationals.  Some will be on location and others in different countries. All judging will be online. Only the Finals will be have scoring. Referees will be paid a percentage salary.  To qualify as a referee for this historic event, interested black belts, with proper qualifications may contact us.

Virtual Rules:  

1) Your video must be current, created after 20 March 2020 for the series, EXCEPT FOR DEMO TEAMS (these videos must be videos from before the pandemic as declared, but no older than 2019.

2) Must show a picture ID at beginning of form with no editing or breaks, you may mask information other than name and picture for privacy. 

3) Announce your name and form name before starting your form.  

4) There can be no breaks, edits in the track or the video will be rejected.

5) No text or graphics are permitted in the video.  

6) Video background should not display advertisements or company logos.  A plain wall is best, but not required. Try to remove excess clutter, ie: toys food, etc. for a clean background. Outdoor shots are also good but with no distracting elements.  Shoes my be worn if absolutely necessary.

7) No tournament videos are permitted.  

8) Videos should be clean, no background noise, no audience comments or applause.  Music is permitted in the Open and Extreme divisions only and it must be in time with the form. A good cell phone is sufficient to record your forms. 

9) Once you register and upload your videos there are no changes allowed. You may enter more than one division that you qualify for.  

10) Individual Videos as a general rule should be at least 30 seconds to 2:35 minutes in length and contain only 1 form. Forms must not have background music.  You must disable comments on the video uploads. No comments can appear in an attempt to influence the judges' opinions.

11) 3 Man Team Kata videos should be 7 minutes or less as a general rule including the bunkai and contain only 1 form.

12) Demonstration Team videos should be 10 minutes or less. No limit to the number of competitors.   Because of the Covid-19 pandemic and social distancing, your team my enter a past video as an event under one member's name and it should date from before the 20 March dates but no older than 2019. No tournament videos please. 

13) Weapon forms must be safe, no sharp weapons or dangerous acrobatics (safe acrobatics are allowed in the extreme divisions) and should be 30 seconds to 2:35 minutes as a general rule, containing one form. Do not film a form with a dropped weapon or hitting an object/wall as it will be disqualified.  

14) Must submit 1 primary and 1 backup video (in case of a tie). Backup video must be a different form. In the event of a second tie, the high score is discarded.  

15) Competitors must wear traditional Martial Arts uniforms that are accepted by their style.

16) When a division reaches 16 it will be divided in half first by sex then age or belt.

17) Line up order will be determined by latest entries being judged first.  

18) Board breaking must be done with the plastic re-breakable boards. You may use 1 to 10 boards separately or as combined breaks if safe. You may use helpers or board holder devices. May use skillful breaks by hands, feet or elbows. Entire breaking sequence must be 2 minutes or less.  For all ages and ranks.  No real wood boards - save the trees.

19) Self-defense Routines – 1 defender will demonstrate defense against 1 to 3 attackers. Attackers may use holds, strikes, safe or fake weapons and attack multiple times.  Time limit is 2 minutes or less.  The defender must show their ID at the beginning of the routine and state their name. Only 1 full routine per video. Upload a back up video using different defenses in the case of a tie in points. For all ages and ranks.  

20. Specific association divisions such as WKF, World TKD, ITF, etc. must conform to their performance regulations in the specific divisions and apply these virtual rules where applicable. You may enter more than one division that you qualify for as long as you comply to the rules. 

21. The Kids Open Forms is a Free (no charge) division only for youth ages 12 yrs and under, all ranks, all styles, M/F. This division is for a competitor that cannot afford to compete in the medal eliminations/finals rounds. Awards: 1,2,3 place World Championships Series certificates by email at conclusion of each series. This division does not qualify for the Live Show. A paying competitor cannot enter this division. We want to give everyone a chance to compete. 

22. Para Martial Arts Forms is for persons of special needs. You may write us for clarification if you qualify for this division. There will be no charge for this division. Awards: 1,2,3 place World Championships Series certificates by email at conclusion of each series. This division does not qualify for the Live Show.

Good luck and start no working on your videos to upload and submit to the international board with your registration for review before it is submitted to the referees of your division.  Be a part of history, get professional feedback to improve your forms and go for the international title in your selected divisions.  We hope you qualify for the Live Virtual World Championships on 3 October 2020. Compete in all 3 series to qualify.

Martial Arts Virtual World Championships - Simply The Best.