Compete globally against other Martial Arts around the world without leaving your studio! Compete by video entry before a panel of internationally certified celebrity judges in this Virtual Championships. Open to any style, age, and rank world-wide. No travel/hotel expenses!  


Additional Information

This Online Virtual championships is 3 separate online tournaments ending in a Live Show final for competitors to compete from home.  The events are designed for competition in Open forms, Kata, Poomsae, Patterns, weapon forms, self-defence, team kata, demo team forms, extreme forms / weapons, and board breaking.  Registration is now open.

How To Make The Best Video (Tutorial by Mason Bumba)

Five easy steps to register & compete: 1. Make two of your best videos for each event you like, created after 20 March and upload both to YouTube or Dailymotion (best for musical forms). 2. Go to our site Registration page. 3. Read the directions and click the red Register button. 4. You will be taken to our secure page, and proceed to input all information, copy and paste your division codes and all of your video URLs in the boxes provided (see Divisions page). 5. Check your work, click submit. You will receive a receipt of payment by email.   

Series A ends 30 April. Results announced 1 May. If you place in the top 3 you will be immediately notified by email with your official Martial Arts Virtual World Championships placement certificate. Your world champion award will be sent by airmail. You may compete in all A, B, and C series to earn your way to the Live Show. 

So make your best performances to submit.  Judges will give constructive comments in addition to your scoring.

If you made the top position in your division in any of the 3 series you will be invited by the board of directors to compete in the run-offs in September.   This will determine the top 2 players from the series who will go on to the Live Show for the Virtual Grand Championships Final on Saturday 3 October for the crown, prizes, and cash! Results will be live-streamed around the world. 

Awards Eliminations (all divisions):

1st - Large beautiful Custom Gold Medal 70mm with personalized World Champion Certificate. 

2nd - Large beautiful Custom Silver Medal 70mm & personalized World Champion Certificate.  

3rd - Large beautiful Custom Bronze Medal 70mm & personalized World Champion Certificate. 

Grand Champions - Each will be presented a Luxurious Gold Jeweled Crown and box, Cash Prize, & personalized World Champion Certificate.  

Awards are presented by postal Airmail.  The placement certificates are sent electronically by email.  Please be patient on delivery due to the Corvid 19 pandemic. Awards are sent directly from our sponsor.

All divisions are listed on the Divisions page.  When a division reaches 16 competitors in the first round it will be divided in half usually by sex, age, then rank to create more fairer divisions.  Be one of the first in the world to compete internationally in an open virtual environment selecting your best videos to submit to the Virtual World Championships board.  Several of the best in the world, certified international referees will judge your video, give scores and personal feedback on your form.  The series are great for those who cannot afford the travel and hotel expenses of conventional tournaments and for those who are trapped at home during this crisis.

See the Virtual Online Rules here

for Kata video for Martial Arts Virtual World Championships