Competitor Registration

Register now for Series A: 1 April to 30 April 2020. 

- See this How To Register Video -

Read the directions below then click the red REGISTER button to our secure server for registration of one or more of the Series events. Have your video URLs & divisions ready to enter.  


How to register

Additional Information

Prices: 29€ - 1 division, 19€ - 2nd Division, 12€ each additional division.

Important steps:

1. Create two videos following the Virtual Online Rules and upload them to Youtube (non musical) or Dailymotion (best for musical forms).

2. Collect the following: 2 separate form video URLs for each event/division, the division codes, 1 head shot picture, and your payment details, then Click the Registration button above to register & purchase your divisions. 

3. On this secure page, you will enter your information accurately. Select the VIR code number for your division in Event 1 from the drop-down menu and paste your first video URL next to it.  USE THE SAME division code in the drop down for both videos. Make sure to copy and paste your best video first and then your back up for ties in then next position in Division 1. Repeat these two steps for each event you enter (2 videos per event).

4. Complete the other information, upload your head shot picture and enter your payment details with a credit or debit card and Click submit. 

It's that easy! Don't wait.


* Be sure to register early to get the best lineup seating position. Register late you go up first before the judges. Instructors may sign up their students using a separate form for each student.

* Clubs registering with 10 or more competitors may subtract 5€ per student.  And You are responsible to enter the correct total when paying. 

* There are no refunds once you are registered.

* Registration for the next series starts on the day after the current series ends.

* Judges – Please apply for judging in events you are qualified for by clicking the Referee Registration button below.  This is a paid position working from home. Click the Contact us regarding the details at; VirtualWorldChamps @ gmail .com or message our Official  Facebook or Facebook Group

Compete Locally - Win Globally


- See this How To Apply to Judge Video -

  Series A judges board is now full. Black belts may apply to be an international virtual judge for Series B & C only. Judges cannot score students from their school. Thank you in advanced.